Frequently Asked Questions


How did My Home-cooked Life start?

I have always had an interest in blogging – I just did not know what I would blog about! I grew up in the 90s and early 2000s when all my friends had Livejournals (#throwback) and we would blog every day to keep up with one another. One day recently, I was on my way home from work and I realized that I spent a bunch of time that day and days past sharing recipes, health info, lifestyle tips and the like with my friends and family, many times the same things over and over. That was my “a-ha” moment. If I had a blog, I thought, it would be a perfect place for me to share and my friends, along with SO many other people, could go to get the same stuff I was sending them individually. Hence, My Home-cooked Life was born out of my love for cooking and sharing health bits ❤


What is your goal with running My Home-cooked Life?

My goal is to take the intimidation out of home-cooking and inspire others to get the kitchen more. I  advocate that health is largely contributed to what we eat and nourish our bodies with 3 times a day (breakfast + lunch + dinner). Also, cooking does NOT an activity that should be feared! Familiarity breeds content. Start with one recipe and then slowly branch out to trying new types of dishes, experimenting on your own, or cooking with family members.

While I certainly take pride in living a healthy lifestyle, I do realize that healthy living is not a one-size-fits-all model. My version of healthy eating that works for my body and health needs may be different than yours. Therefore, I feature different kinds of recipes, from smoothies to salads and desserts, here to suit a variety of dietary restrictions and needs. This includes gluten free, paleo, low carb and dairy free.


How often do you post new recipes?

Not as often as I’d like! I hope to get better at posting a recipe once a week, but until then you can see notices of my new blog posts on my Insta, @myhomecookedlife


What’s your food philosophy, or “how do you eat”?

No labels for this girl! If I declare that I am 100% gluten free, someone will show up at my doorstep with a batch of homemade gluten-filled brownies that I would gladly devour. Instead, I like to say that I focus on real, nutrient-dense foods that are minimally processed and preferably locally or sustainably sourced. Hunting and gardening are two of my favorite ways to more affordably supplement my diet with locally sourced meat and locally grown produce. Stocking the kitchen with food harvested using my own hands, so to speak, brings me an unmatched feeling of joy, an act that honors my ancestors and exercises my privilege to provide for myself and my family. I hope to share more about gardening and/or hunting in the future posts!


What has been your biggest challenge thus far?

Learning the web/techy stuff was (and still is) my biggest hurdle but I’m slowly catching on! I also get a ton of help from my boyfriend over at Young Adventures Outdoors with photography.


Anything you are curious to know?? Drop me a question on the Contact page and I will answer (almost) anything ☺