Coffee Talks: How to Find Gratitude in the Little Moments

The perfect start to a weekend getaway is always a big plate of delicious food and exactly what I want in this moment, also #hikingfuel 🏔 My boyfriend and I escaped for a mini mountain retreat to the Smokey’s before a busy spring of traveling in different directions and getting caught up in projects we each have going on. In typical fashion, I pack all the food, set all the expectations, and when we get to the place, I realize I just want to freaking relax and not lift a finger – can anyone relate?

I had a few thought while I was devouring this meal that I wanted to share. It’s funny how your mindset can totally adjust your perceived amount of energy and effort it takes to do daily tasks. In this case, preparing a morning feast for two. It even has the power to instantly turn a mundane or even dreaded effort into a task that you feel grateful for the ability to conquer. For me this was spending 1 hour cooking a big meal, albeit frustrating, exercising my improv skills in an understocked kitchen when I could’ve just as easily been sitting in front of the fireplace, coffee in hand doing absolutely nothing until we dragged ourselves out of the cabin for the day. 

The truth is, I didn’t have to cook, I didn’t have to embark on this frustrating task because we could’ve as easily settled for something much simpler – it was a weekend vacation after all. I spend all week cooking and cleaning, & getting away could’ve meant removing myself from those responsibilities. But, truth is, I know how happy it makes me to eat a homemade meal and getting to share that with someone else is double gratification. This is the internal dialogue that was racing through my mind from start to finish of the process. First, ‘I have no choice if I want to eat than to cook this meal’, to ‘well it’ll take awhile and I can finally sit down and enjoy it’ until I was nearly done, basking in the glory of the crisped bacon goodness and golden toast and I thought, ‘Uhm this looks freaking glorious and I get to dive into this DELICIOUS spread? Yes please, I’m so happy and this makes for a great morning’. See the evolution? 

So, my advice is that thinking about what you’re doing as things that you *get* to do (nourish your soul with good food or getting to go to work when others may not be employed), luxuries you *get* to experience (yes, waking up before daybreak sucks but there so many people without a job or with chronic pain that cannot get up with such ease), and having people in your space that you *get* to share that with is priceless (annoying coworkers? Instead of dwelling on it, find one thing that you like about them to focus on exploiting or use those feelings to your advantage to test your patience). You’ll never get that moment back so adjusting your mindset so that you can truly be grateful for this time is priceless. 

I’m signing off with those thoughts and I challenge you to catch yourself next time your dreading something and turn it around! Especially as we head into this workweek and are faced with tasks that you don’t typically look forward to doing or when things go of course and you have to improvise on the fly. You don’t have to be happy every moment of the day, and you shouldn’t because experiencing emotion is HEALTHY. But, appreciation is also golden ✨ Also, in case you’re curious — the Eats: ezekiel bread french toast, bacon bacon bacon, all the eggs with extra pepper just like I like them.

This is the first of many #CoffeeTalks to come! I hope you like these shorter snippets of mindset, motivation and real talk. 


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