Meal Round Up, Week of June 11th


I have some professions to declare… Monday musings, as you will. It is raining here in Kentucky for the second day in a row, and while my garden is soaking it up, I’m wishing for a sunny day ahead. With little to do outside but play in the rain, I am left with a lot of time to think.

  • I don’t understand how people do not like exercise. I will be the first to admit that I do not look forward to my workout every single day. Still, I am mostly motivated to get my blood flowing and get my muscles moving because I know just how good it feels (and the carryover benefits = glowy skin, good sleep, metabolism boost, kickass booty).
  • My dogs are my best friends. I’m sorry if this offends you but I like them more than most humans. And the three of us have been together through so much. Over EIGHT YEARS. Hands down, the longest relationship I have ever had. The biggest commitment I have made and kept #noragrets … I love those girls.<BR>
  • Humidity sucks. The rain my city is experiencing is a short reprieve from the hot and humid weather, but once the clouds dry up then it will be back to it. The only benefit to the humidity is that it will keep the wrinkles at bay for longer. Now for my hair, that is another story. Sigh.

Here is a look at what I was busy cooking up (and scarfing down) most recently.


Tahini Sea Salt Brownies

My heart is made of fudgy brownies. I am convinced. Brownies warm my soul and after observation that it is my favorite dessert because my mind drifts to these guys whenever I think I want something sweet. Last week I whipped up two batches of the TBB’s choco-tahini brownies. This time I mixed up these tahini and coconut flour based brownies. It blows my mind every time I use tahini in a dessert recipe that they come out delicious. Tahini, you tricky devil, you. Recipe coming soon!

Homemade Bone Broth

Homemade Bone Broth

I’ve been making bone broth for going on a year and a half now. I was intrigued by all the health benefits (gut + skin health, primarily) and how easy it was to make! I now keep bones and veggie scraps in the freezer until I have enough to fill my crockpot. Add water and crushed garlic, and cook until all your house smells like broth (or 24ish hours).

I have found so many uses for my homemade broth! Not to mention, making your own broth saves money. I seldom purchase broth or stock from the grocery because I always have it on hand in the fridge or freezer. It cost zero dollars (only energy to power the crock!) to make because it uses scraps that would have otherwise been tossed. It also fights food waste by repurposing food to get two uses, honoring the animal and plant from which it originated and keeping landfills below capacity.


Strawberries + Cream Gluten Free Crepes

I bought 2 pounds of fresh strawberries on Wednesday and have spent the past week brainstorming all the delicious ways I can devour these little red beauties. My first thought was French crepes filled with fresh cream and sunkissed berries, drizzled with chocolate. Since I am not in France, nor do I know how to bake French food, I immediately lowered my expectations to a thinned out gluten free packet straight from my kitchen, with 2% greek yogurt and sliced strawbs. I have a while to go before I perfect this recipe for my homemade, healthy version of this European streetfare but I am on a mission to get it right! You will be the first to know 😉


Leftover Vegan Bowl + Bean Salad

A.k.a. my lunch three days in a row. This combo is that tasty.

All the goods:
Steamed sweet potato and cinnamon
Roasted broccoli
Marinated red onions (recipe from the 21 DSD Daily Guide)
3-Bean Salad (from Tone It Up Nutrition Plan) with diced red pepper

I originally whipped the bean salad with the intention of serving it over some homegrown kale, but I decided that the pair alone would likely not very satisfying. So I cut back on the serving of beans and threw in all the veggies! Don’t worry, I am not going vegan or vegetarian! I still like to include fish and meat into my diet but mixing it up keeps things interesting.


… and lastly, more PaleOMG’s Almost 5-Ingredient Spaghetti (Squash) Pizza Pie casserole. The same as last week, except I used a yellow bell pepper (instead of red) with extra tomatoes, hold the pepperonis.

That’s a wrap for this week. Thanks for keeping up with my semi-regular weekly updates. See you next time!


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