Know Your WHY

Hello, readers.

Moment of Truth here. I’ve been struggling a little bit with what this blog is all about this past week. I started writing and sharing because I wanted to put little, bite-sized pieces of health-related information out there for the people that are overwhelmed with where to start in their personal health journey, be it food or fitness or both. This is for those who want to have more energy, feel better in their own skin, sleep well at night and want to have the right mindset to lead a balanced, less-stressed life. So, in order to help me overcome this nagging sense of purpose and what to write about every week, I asked myself, “Why?”.

Why did I start this blog? What do I want to gain from this experience of sharing information? What kind of information or stories do I want to share? What can people(readers like you!) gain from reading my stories and articles each week that you can’t read or gather elsewhere? Here is what I came up with.

My mission is to inform others that you can take improve your state of being with food, movement and a healthy mindset. It all starts with small, manageable steps. I want to let others know that you can improve your overall health through eating real food. Hence, cooking more home-cooked meals 😉 What I think is even more important than knowing you should be preparing your own food is knowing that preparing real food does not have to be difficult! I also want others to know how important it is to implement movement into your day, breath deeply and feel alive. Living a life that fires you up and makes you feel great is within your reach and wouldn’t be attainable without a positive mindset

So, what can readers find here? a.k.a., How can I achieve my mission? I will be featuring stories about my latest adventures. My latest home-cooked creations. What foods I’m currently digging and learning more about, the latest workouts I’ve tried and the things I’m doing to be in a better state of mind. I hope to educate and inspire readers to embrace our primal roots through sharing my journey, writing some articles and concocting a few recipes here and there.

Now, do the same thing for yourself. Ask yourself “Why?”. If you’ve stumbled upon this post then I dare say that there has to be something you are striving towards. Why do you want to improve your diet? Why do you want to lose weight? When it comes to Goal Setting, there has to be a purpose, also called a mission, and a list of objectives that will help you accomplish your goal. I shared my Why (my mission) and objectives with you above.

I challenge you to practice this exercise on your own time. If there is a goal that you want to achieve then identify your why (your mission and purpose) and your objectives. Objectives make accomplishing any goal easier as you are creating a list of actionable steps that you will take to make that goal a realty. If you want to get really fancy with your goal making then set some deadlines so you have a timeline to follow and keep you on target. Maybe you want to do this in writing and keep it in a place you’ll frequently visit and be reminded of this goal, like your phone, a post-it or your journal. Whether in plain sight or put away, you can come back to your Goal Setting intentions when you need a reset and to remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. Over time, you may notice that your purpose has changed or even your goal has shifted from one thing to another.

I really hope this helps some of you that may be struggling towards a goal, or if you’re in the process of deciding whether or not you are ready to start your own health journey. Reach out in the comments below if you have any thoughts or questions about this topic.

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