What I’m Reading: Eat the Yolks

This is the first of many, “What I’m Reading.” Or really, “What I Just Read” because why would I write a page about a book I have not finished? That does not make sense, but the first title sounds better. So, here goes 😉

I just closed the cover on Eat the Yolks written by Liz Wolfe, Nutrition Therapy Practitioner (NTP). My friends might say that I admire Liz Wolfe because she is homesteader, as was I in a former life. But really, I am so inspired by her passion for sharing real food and advocating this lifestyle. The whole chicken flock and farm-thing is just a bonus. If you need some convincing of her awesomeness then head on over to her website, RealFoodLiz.com.

In Eat the Yolks, Liz Wolfe emphasizes that what truly will nourish the body is a diet composed of nutrient-dense, properly sourced foods including meat that has been properly fed and raised and produce grown in nutrient-rich soil. Her writing approach is very non-dogmatic. So, don’t worry, she is not going to slap the muffin out of your hand. She will, however, share with you the facts about grains and the evolution from what our ancestors ate compared to what we now refer to as grains.

What I like most about the presentation of her food philosophy is Liz does more than just tout the benefits of a paleo diet, she tells you why. She tells you how many dietary myths of today came to fruition, because to understand why our country is in the current state of health, you really have to go back to the beginning.

From her writing I have learned that it’s not really our fault. It is not our fault that we (my generation being the Generation X-ers) have lived much of our lives believing that butter is bad and red meat will lead to heart disease and you must eat your recommended daily servings of five grains per day. We were trained to think that fat is bad, red meat will clog your arteries, and veggies will save the world. These teachings were founded on research and experiments, most of which were conducted thirty, almost fourty plus years ago. Or so we thought. The truth is that really smart people have made mistakes interpreting data, or rather, were really confident extracting meaning from inconclusive data, and then got too-friendly with the wrong money hungry corporate sponsors to promote their said interpretations and here we are.

Here we are. And for the younger generation like me, we were born and raised into this way of food-thought. We were raised thinking that fat-free ranch, the diet soda and whole wheat bread is better, among many, many other things. Here we are, but we know better now.  Thanks to newer research and studies, and closer peer review of the previous studies, we know that the fat-free, sugar-free and grain-based carbs way of thinking is simply not what is good for our bodies. Now, we know that many of the things we learned in Health class about our body’s response to food have been debunked (thanks, Liz) and we can now make better decisions for the sake of our long-term health! Oh, and in case you were wondering, you should eat the yolks.

Up next for “What I’m Reading” is former biochemist Robb Wolf’s (no relation to Liz) latest, Wired to Eat. It was recently released and when I pre-ordered it came with Robb’s 30-Day Master Reset Workbook (among many other goodies). What attracted me to Robb’s approach in his new book is that he, much like Liz in “Eat the Yolks”, tells you it is not your fault for wanting to eat that slice of pizza (or the whole pie). Humans are hard-wired to desire “hyperpalatable” foods because these foods are designed (literally, designed in a lab) to leave us craving and wanting more of them. I have been waiting for the perfect time to sit down and read about his latest research, as well as perform the Reset and the 7-Day Carb Test. As someone that is very active, I know that there is a place in my diet for carbs. Not to mention, I also feel really good when I have my sweet potato with a drizzle of honey or some corn from the summer garden. I’m looking forward to seeing how my body reacts to certain foods and using the Reset to clean up my diet and test out certain intolerances I’m skeptical of. Stay tuned for that.

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